Unconditional dedication


The following was part of the college’s presentation to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents at its April 2015 meeting.

By Dr. Rolando Marquez
Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Rolando Marquez giving a presentation.
Dr. Rolando Marquez gives a presentation to GGC faculty about how to improve an aspect of their instructional skills.

I work at Georgia Gwinnett College’s Center for Teaching Excellence. This unit is responsible for providing faculty opportunities to enhance their skills, implement effective instructional practices and engage students in the learning process.

In other words, we help GGC’s outstanding faculty become even more outstanding.

When I interviewed for my job at GGC, I knew there was something very special about this place. And I can honestly say that I was not mistaken. GGC is unlike any of my previous institutions. There is a real concern for students that is refreshing these days.

In his book, “A Courage to Teach,” Parker Palmer says the following about teaching: “Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.”

Dr. Douglas Johnson talking to a student outside, on campus.
Dr. Douglas Johnson talks with a student near the library during his lunch break.

“At Georgia Gwinnett, students truly are not numbers – our faculty genuinely care about their students and work hard with them to provide the experiences necessary to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.”

– Dr. Rolando Marquez

As I walk through the library and around on campus, I often see faculty sitting down in study groups or working one-on-one with students. In our study areas. In the dining room. Outside on the lawn.

Dr. Rolando Marquez giving a presentation to the BOR
Listen to Dr. Rolando Marquez’s USG Board of Regents presentation below.
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And this commitment goes well beyond academics. Our faculty work to develop the student as a whole, nurturing their interpersonal skills, providing advice, encouraging them to take on challenges and exhausting every possible avenue to help them succeed, no matter their learning style or academic preparation. We also have a variety of tutoring services to support all students.

This unconditional dedication toward students by our faculty and staff is what makes a GGC education such a value – a high quality education with a complete focus on the individual.

I am proud to be a part of the GGC community because I see for myself that every day – together – we are changing the face of higher education.

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