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GGC is Changing the landscape of higher education

Georgia Gwinnett College recently hosted its first-ever monthly meeting of the University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents. The opportunity to host this prestigious group occurs only once every 15 years for each USG institution.

The host institution is given time on the meeting’s program for an institutional presentation. In GGC fashion, we chose to do something unique for our presentation, by allowing the Regents to hear about the college not from me, but from those who know it best – our students, staff and faculty.

group of students looking at project presentation at STARS event
Students discuss undergraduate research projects at the School of Science and Technology’s annual STaRS event, which enables the school to promote science, mathematics and technology by sharing and showcasing the work of students and faculty. Here, a student addresses questions about his undergraduate research project at a poster session.

Featuring three students, two professors and a staff member, our presentation was powerful and well-received. In the words of Board of Regents Chair Neil L. Pruitt, Jr., “It reminded us of why we are Regents.”

Indeed, our speakers’ profound testimonials reminded us all of why we come to work every day. It’s why our community is so supportive of the college and the very reason why GGC was created and strategically designed to be different …

• As an innovative model that challenges convention and uses what works

• That serves all students, no matter their level of academic preparation, learning style, work schedule or financial barrier

• Where student mentorship and engagement ensure that each student has every opportunity to succeed

• Where the dream of a higher education and brighter future is possible for students who may not find success anywhere else

We share these testimonials with you in this issue of Engage in our Features section of the online magazine. These six individuals’ own words best explain that we really mean it when we say we do things differently here.

GGC is simply not your typical college, which is why we are changing the landscape of higher education. Thank you for being an important part of our success.

Best wishes for a relaxing summer!

Dr. Stas Preczewski
Dr. Stas Preczewski

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