Kris Pena

Not that shy kid anymore

I am filled with a sense of pride at what GGC has accomplished in its first 10 years.

Now, to be honest, GGC was not my first choice of schools to attend after high school. It wasn’t even on my list, but my father convinced me to apply. Read more →

Dr. Rolando Marquez in the classroom

Unconditional dedication

I work at Georgia Gwinnett College’s Center for Teaching Excellence. This unit is responsible for providing faculty opportunities to enhance their skills, implement effective instructional practices and engage students in the learning process. Read more →

Dr. Doville Budryte

Diversity and opportunity make GGC special

Maya Angelou is quoted as saying, “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” It seems to me that one of the main assets of GGC is diversity – of faculty, students, and staff. Many of our students are first generation students, immigrants, veterans; they come from various socioeconomic and cultural…
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